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Our size matrix &
customisation via Video

Our Size matrix for our standard masks

To offer a better fit of our mask for you, we have published different sizes. With this calculator and table you can determine which of the standard masks fits you best.

If you want to use an even better fitted mask, use our customisation service.

Our mask size calculator for V2.08

Our mask size table

This project is developed in close cooperation with Progekta Europe P.C.

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Our customisation Service

For the best protection a perfect fit by means of customisation is necessary. Check out how we can personalize your mask for you.
(Klick here to use our Beta Customisation Service)


Video via smartphone

If you have a beard, shave it off. Stand in a well lit room and tilt your head slightly upwards (and keep still). Let someone else make a 180° video of your face in full HD (30fps - 60fps). 
Attention: It is not possible to move the camera by yourself. This would cause the 3d image calculation to fail.


Calculate 3D image

Upload the video to our customisation website. We will calculate the 3d image of youre face and inform you after completion by mail. Don't worry, your data is very well secured and will not be given to third parties. 


Customisation mask

With our script we customise the mask directly onto your face. When this process is finished, you will be informed by mail. Afterwards you can download your individual mask. We would also be happy if you donate some to support our development.

*: Our open source publicated masks are not the final versions. There may be extensions / changes due to subsequent improvements. Our masks are currently not medically certified. We cannot assume any liability for the quality of the printed objects. So far there are only studies that suggest protection of others but not the wearer of the mask. The masks only protects if a filter material is inserted. How well the mask protects depends on the filter material and the fit. Please do not forget the other hygiene measures, this mask does not replace them.

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