Medical instructions

Applicable filter material, disinfection,
correct use, medical proof & certification

Attention: The information provided here is not medical advice. It is just information on the topic, which has been compiled from different sources to the best of our knowledge. We assume no liability for its accuracy. 

Suitable filter material for our masks 

Many materials are suitable as filter material. Depending on how well the mask should protect or whom it should protect and how long you want to wear the mask in one piece, the appropriate material should be used. We also suggest not using medically certified filter materials unless you belong to a high-risk group or are particularly affected by your working environment. These are currently required mainly for professionals.

For professionals we recommend cutting a certified surgical mask into 2-4 pieces and inserting them into the mask. This allows a mask to be used 4 times and may provide better protection due to the better fit of our mask. Proceed as follows: 

   1.) Cut out the two side seams so that the mask can be unfolded.

   2.) Cut the mask in the unfolded state into 2 or 4 rectangles of equal size, so that they are slightly larger than the filter holder.

   3.) Place one of these rectangles on the filter holder and clamp it with the tapa. 

For all others we recommend using household materials. Up to now, we are familiar with the following household materials as filter materials:

   - Cleaning pad (cotton)

   - Coffee filters

   - Dish towel

   - Pillowcase

   - T-shirt (100% cotton)

   - T-Shirt (cotton blend)

   - antimicrobial pillowcase

   - Scarf

   - Linen cloth

   - Silk scarf

Attention: Please do not use vacuum cleaner bags, these may contain antibacterial powders that can damage the lung!

A 2013 publicated study by Cambridge University on filter materials for household masks compared some of the filter media mentioned above. Among other things, they measured the protection against a 0.02 micron bacteriophage. This is 5 times smaller than the 0.1 micron corona virus.

Attention: Please do not use vacuum cleaner bags, these may contain antibacterial powders that can damage the lung!

However, the study also points out that not every material is suitable for long periods of wear because it makes breathing very difficult. If you want to breathe a little better than through a surgical mask, a T-shirt (100% cotton) or a pillowcase should be used. If you want to achieve a little more protection and accept the somewhat more difficult breathing, a T-shirt (cotton blend) or an antimicrobial pillowcase is recommended. Tea towels and vacuum cleaner bags are not recommended due to their very limited breathing capacity.

Surgical face mask vs. Respiratory mask

The following picture from Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung e.V. (DGUV) gives a good overview of the difference between the two mask types. Our designed mask is located between the two mask types. You can protect others with it. How well it can protect yourself, we cannot guarantee at this time. The mask is currently not medically certified. We are working on having our masks medically approved.

More information about  correct fit & cleaning instructions for our masks coming very soon!!!

*: Our open source publicated masks are not the final versions. There may be extensions / changes due to subsequent improvements. Our masks are currently not medically certified. We cannot assume any liability for the quality of the printed objects. So far there are only studies that suggest protection of others but not the wearer of the mask. The masks only protects if a filter material is inserted. How well the mask protects depends on the filter material and the fit. Please do not forget the other hygiene measures, this mask does not replace them.

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